VR Puzzle Game “An Artist’s Perspective”

An Artist’s Perspective is a VR puzzle game where the player plays with perspective and paintings to reveal bridges. The game is made for the mobile standalone VR headset Oculus Quest 2. With this project I have recently graduated at HKU with the bachelor Creative Media and Game Technologies.

During my graduation project I wanted to focus on developing and designing a puzzle game specific for virtual reality. I am very proud of the endresult. The game is all about recognizing the environment and positioning the paintings at the right place. And then when looking from the right perspective, the green bridge on the painting will seamlessly blend into the environment so the player can surpass the gap in between. This project took me 5 months and I developed and designed it completely solo.

The game can be downloaded as an .apk from this link: https://mickgerritsen.itch.io/an-artists-perspective

Highlights of what I have done during this project:

  • Game design
  • Prototyping and testing the level layout
  • Level/puzzle design
  • Projection shader
  • System for capturing the bridge pieces and make them appear on the paintings
  • Programmed the puzzles
  • Custom teleportation system
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