Connectwo is a minimalistic line puzzle game I made and published on the Playstore. The goal of this project was to make a full puzzle game for mobile and publish it. In the end what I made is a simple line puzzle game. In the game you can expand a line 1 step by swiping in 4 directions. But it can only move the lines to empty spaces. A puzzle is completed once both lines are connected to their colored end tile.

With the gameplay I tried to come up with easy to learn mechanics, yet with puzzles that can get deep and complex in difficulty, so it can have many levels without getting dull quickly. Currently the game has 20 different levels.

The game can be downloaded in the Playstore here:

Interesting tasks during development:

  • Designing new puzzle solutions for levels
  • UI and menu design
  • Impementing controls and menu
  • Saving and loading system
  • Seamless level transition
  • Visuals
  • Ads
  • Published on Playstore
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