Jobs of the Future VR

VR Unity Development

I started working as an XR developer at 360Fabriek after I finished my study in March 2022. During my time at 360Fabriek I have learned alot things during the development of multiple projects. During my first two weeks I have developed a VR coffee machine configurator experience for a client that wanted to showcase their machines in an immersive way. The next project was much longer: the VR firetruck training for Veiligheidsregio Twente. That project gave me more responsibilities: I was the only programmer, I communicated with different people like the client, investigated the different firetruck scenario’s and worked together within a team of audio, art and design. It was a very learningful experience because I got involved in many things from design to technical aspects. After the firetruck training I worked on a few smaller VR projects. The Meta Quest 2 always was our focus platform during my time but I also got to work with Quest Pro during a game jam weekend I organized with a few colleagues.

Unreal Engine 5 Development

A big part of this year was that I started learning Unreal Engine 5 during my free time and used it to develop two complex configurators for two different clients. I was responsible for the logic (with blueprints) of those applications but also the implementation of art and design from other team members. I am very proud of both results and the speed at which I have picked up Unreal Engine 5.

In March 2023 I started working remotely as a freelancer for 360Fabriek. During the months I have worked remotely I worked mostly on a procedural configurator made in Unreal Engine 5 but I have also helped development of a few VR physics interactions in Unity.

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