I Want You

I Want You is a thrilling 2D puzzle platformer about a girl in search of her teddy bear taking place in an eerie factory. In the game you can move and jump around as a little girl. You can also use levers to control the smoke outtake. This smoke is dangerous but it can elevate the big glass jars. The player can also push and pull the glass jars. The combination of these mechanics, the level design, the dark visuals and a scary mecha robot resulted in a unique sidescroller with great athmosphere. I have worked on this schoolproject in a team of 5 over the course of 6 weeks.

A Windows version of the game can be downloaded via this link: https://mickgerritsen.itch.io/i-want-you-puzzle-platformer

My part of the project were these tasks:

  • The concept and game design
  • Puzzle/level design
  • Cooperating with another game programmer
I was responsible for 4 different iterations of the level. We tested the second iteration carefully
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