Phygtl: Defining AR Engagement As AR Founding Engineer


Reggie, His Cousin, Two Scientists and Most Likely the End of the World is a toony gravity-switching platformer with a unique 2D hand-animated style and animated cutscenes. I have worked on this game during my internship at Degoma. Degoma wanted an intern who could program but also has an interest in game design. I was a great canditate for that role. The internship durated 5 months and I learned very much during that time from the people there. They also gave me the freedom to develop my skills by picking certain tasks and thus I was very motivated and finished a lot of different tasks. The tasks were spread across programming and design tasks, and sometime something in between. Another great learning experience was making a port for the Nintendo Switch. After my time at Degoma, they offered me to work for them on a freelance basis while I kept working on my study.

Interesting highlights of my internship at Degoma:

  • Worked on different level designs
  • Videoplayer with .srt subtitle integration
  • Level end minigame (development and design)
  • Level endscreen with animated scores
  • Multiplatform sprite/image switcher for controllers
  • Snake boss design and implementation
  • Smooth loading and a loading screen
  • Nintendo Switch porting
  • Showcasing at the White Nights Amsterdam fair

After I finished my internship, they immediately asked if they could hire me because they were satisfied with the work I had done for them. During this 2 year period I have also been busy with finishing school. They have written a recommendation on LinkedIn because they were very pleased with my work during the time I have done freelance work. I have learnt a lot at Degoma during this time.

I have worked on 2 different Unity projects for Degoma during my time as a freelancer. One project is a VR title they are working on. And the other is a mobile game. For the VR game I have worked on tasks like those:

  • A complex virtual reality in-game menu
  • Multiplayer playtesting
  • Inverse kinematics rig

And for the mobile game I have worked on a custom 2D level editor tool inside of Unity with features like those:

  • Grid based placement, erasing and dragging
  • Compatible with a box selection that can be filled or emptied
  • Chunks that can be saved and placed, compatible with box selection
  • Optimized colliders
Nintendo Switch port
The snake boss
Level scorescreen
Level design blockout
End level minigame
Videoplayer with .srt
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