About Me

My Experience

Hi, I am Mick Gerritsen and I am a XR Developer from The Netherlands. Since I was young, I have been a creative mind with a love for tech innovation and games. I have graduated from the University of the Arts Utrecht studying Creative Media and Game Technologies. I got my first Unity and VR developer experience from working for two years as a freelance Unity Game Developer for Degoma during my study. Because of my experience and enthousiasm about VR and other tech innovations, I started to work as a fulltime XR developer for 360Fabriek. There I have gained a lot of experience developing immersive applications within Unity and Unreal for a variation of clients. After working remotely as a freelancer for 360Fabriek I am now working for them as a Lead XR Developer.

My Knowledge And Skills

My main profession is XR development, but I also have a good feeling for design. I have a good knowledge in the space of game development and game design which I have translated to XR development, so I am not shy of prototyping, testing, researching and designing. I am experienced especially with the Unity game engine (C#) and Unreal Engine (mostly blueprints). I care about the needs of clients and know how to come up with fitting results for their specific problems. I have been making games and software for different platforms like PC (Mac and Windows), Android, VR (Oculus Rift, Quest 2, 3 and Pro), AR, Apple Vision Pro and Nintendo Switch. People know me as: creative, collaborative, critical thinking and perseverant.


Student Projects


An action tower defense game about a nanobot and human cells getting rid of germs and viruses

I Want You

A thrilling 2D puzzle platformer about a girl in search of her teddy bear taking place in an eerie factory


A strategy builder game focused around growing a planet and keeping it alive with sustainable energy

Personal Work


A minimalistic line puzzle game I made and published on the Playstore

The Harmless Prison Escape

A puzzle game about a prisoner trying to escape the prison without hurting any guards, made for Ludem Dare

Sh!t Happens

Propel yourself forward in your wheelchair and escape the nursing home, made during Global Game Jam 2019

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