Sh!t Happens

Sh!t Happens is a game where you propel yourself forward in your wheelchair and escape the nursing home. You can eliminate nurses by hitting them with your wheelchair or sneak passed them. The goal of the game is to reach for freedom outside of the nursing home by escaping the hallway.

I made this game within a team of 5 during the Global Game Jam of 2019. At the site of HKU in Utrecht, we won two awards: the audience award and best game award. While the game is very comedic it is one of the best game jam games I made. It fits the jam them “what home feels like” nicely too.

A Windows version of the game can be downloaded via this link:

During the game jam I did the following things:

  • Conceptualize the game design
  • A little bit of player programming
  • Made some 3D assets
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