XR GenAI Instant Camera Experiment

The Harmless Prison Escape is a puzzle game about a prisoner trying to escape the prison without hurting any guards. I have made this game during the 46th Ludum Dare game jam. Out of the 3576 jam entries, my game ranked 119th. So I was quite impressed with the result.

The theme of the game jam was: keep it alive. So my take on the theme was to make a prison escape game where the player needs to escape the prison and keeping everyone (yourself and the cops) alive. It was a fun jam where I first prototyped the mechanics on paper and quickly started making a digital version, ones I thought there would be any potential. The game eventually has 10 different levels getting more difficult.

The game can be played on a PC web browser via this link: https://mickgerritsen.itch.io/the-harmless-prison-escape

Important things I did during the jam:

  • Paper prototyping the puzzle gameplay
  • Programming the grid based rules
  • Player controls
  • Nice starting sequence with the cinematic camera
  • 3D visuals all done during the jam (except for animations)
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