Hybrid Worlds With Spherical Game Controller

Tiny Planet is an experimental puzzel game in which the player needs to solve the planet its problems with a special custom controller to control the tiny planet. The game plays around the unique features of the sphere-like controller and it can be seen as an extension of the planet. The player can blow in the microphone, rotate the sphere-like controller or press and hold a few buttons. Those are all used in the few puzzles. The player can talk with the planet by walking towards the screen and thus zooming in. I made this during a schoolproject in a team of 5 within the span of 10 weeks. The goal of this project was to make it a hybrid experience and so we went with a unique take on it.

During the development I was the main programmer but designed alot as well:

  • Programming the game and the controller input
  • Wiring the hardware and input of the Arduino controller
  • Prototyping and testing quickly
  • Puzzle/level design
  • Game design
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